Who Are We

Dr. Stephen Ho is the president of American Board of Stem Cell and Fat Transfer Physicians. Dr. Ho has extensive knowledge and practice experiences in medicine of stem cell, platelet rich plasma ( PRP ) and fat transfer. He has trained numerous physicians who are interested in practice these technologies over_years. He has now built a team of experts to manage patients’ medical needs, particularly in appropriate applications of the technologies of stem cell, PRP and fat transfer. All physicians in his team have outstanding medical credentials in their own rights, but also received excellent training from Dr. Ho leading into Board certification of medical applications in stem cell, PRP and fat transfer.

What and Why We do

We will apply therapeutic techniques of stem cell, PRP and fat transfer to appropriate patients’ needs. These techniques are relatively cost effective, non-invasive with less potential risk and shorter down time as compared to conventional surgeries.

Mission Statement

Dr. Ho and his medical team has primary goal being to provide the best and newest medical management to suit patients’ medical needs particularly in term of cost effectiveness and less pain and suffering.

Vision Statement

Dr. HoStem cell and PRP have been demonstrated to be wonderful new technologies as the new frontier of modern medicine to help patients’ a variety of medical needs.

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